Just got back in town, after three weeks away from email and phones, in time to cast my vote for mayor. And waiting for me this morning was a personal email from the winner, Tom "The Cat" Leppert (apparently that was his nickname in school because Leppert sounds like leopard), promising to be an even-handed and inclusive mayor who will address crime, economic development, education and city services — all in a positive manner. I hope he’s right, because with all of the new council members (half of the council turned over, I think), one of two things is going to be happening: either everyone is going to be working hard to stay in line, or everyone is going to be working hard to position themselves for the next mayoral race. I have to admit I was looking forward to setting up a chart starting at 3,000 and counting down with Ed Oakley as he knocked down apartment complexes unit by unit, but that dream will have to wait. With Leppert as the winner, there’s not really anything to keep track of because he didn’t promise to do anything specific. But that may be OK — he’s going to have his hands full learning how things work and don’t work at City Hall. I was surprised at how easily he won, though — pretty much across the board north of I-30.

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