Don Chingon will open later this summer. (Photo by Rick Wamre)

Post by Emily Esleck

Many Lower Greenville dwellers and frequent visitors know the area has seen some new development facelifts over the past few years.

Namely a proposed apartment complex where Vickery Towers, the old senior housing community at the corner of Greenville Avenue and Belmont Street, was demolished.

But there is an abandoned gas station on the other side of Belmont that no one is talking about.

The building is adjacent to the Vickery Towers lot and diagonally across the street from the old, vacant Walmart retail store.

The Syn Group, owners of The Social House, have decided to open a new Tex-Mex restaurant called Don Chingon at this location, 2237 Greenville Avenue.

Joey Emma, office manager for the Addison and Uptown Social House locations, confirmed the restaurant will open by the end of the summer. Emma says the plans have been in the works for a while.

David Cossum, the city’s director of the sustainable development and construction, says the permits were issued in February 2017.

Cossum added that there are some restrictions for the site because of its proximity to residential areas. The patio cannot exceed 50 percent of the interior floor area, and it will close by 10 p.m. each night.

A closer look at the Residential Adjacency Review application shows there will be no outdoor games or speakers, and parking lot lighting is to be directed away from residential zoning districts.

Be prepared for some more construction in the summer months as Don Chingon renovates and prepares for opening.

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