It wasn’t too long ago that Casa Linda was somewhat of a rural, almost no man’s land. That may be hard to picture, given the daily struggle of traffic and the hustle and bustle of the neighborhood. But Flashback Dallas has given us some much-needed perspective on the growth of East Dallas by sharing aerial photos of the Casa Linda area.


(Photo courtesy of Flashback Dallas.)

The photo above shows the development of the Casa Linda Plaza. The first building that opened was the Casa Linda Theater in 1945. The first show was “The Affairs of Susan,” a romance movie with Joan Fontaine and George Brent. Nowadays, residents are familiar with the theaters’ produce. In 2011, the building was turned into a Natural Grocers.

Buckner Boulevard runs diagonally in this photo, from the lower left to the top right, and Garland Road runs horizontally, just above the theater. On Garland Road, above and to the right of the theater, sits Fire Station No. 31, which opened in 1947 and is still in service.

On the corner of Garland and Buckner is the Pegasus-topped service station.


(Photo courtesy of Flashback Dallas.)

The development of Casa Linda from farmland to residential neighborhood began in the 1940s. Now, it’s hard to picture wide, open pastures at the intersections. Just think, if all that changed over the course of 70 years, what’s next for our neighborhood?

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