How did we ever make it through the day before we could announce to the world our love of Majorca pottery, our affinity for nature, or our outstanding ability to organize through our drawer pulls and cabinet knobs?

OK, so that’s a bit of an overstatement. But in an age of nearly endless home design options, these little doohickeys are no exception. Many interior designers utter the mantra, “It’s all in the details,” and knobs, handles and pulls are certainly some of the smallest.

Any homeowner who has ever put those little forks and knives on their kitchen cabinets (remember how cool those looked when they first came out?), knows the satisfaction of having company declare, “Oh, these are darling!”

And in this age of rampant do-it-yourselfing (if you haven’t heard of TV’s Trading Spaces, crawl out from underneath that rock), homeowners can take these finer points of utility even further. Why not string some beads or pretty baubles together in inspiring ways and hang them from a simple metallic pull or knob? The same could be done with tassels or feathers (there are even a few ducks at White Rock Lake who might not even mind you picking up the ones they’re done with).

Or, maybe you have an old ’50s style kitchen that makes you want to crawl back in bed? Make it look like you meant it: Paint the walls a funky color, download some photos of old film and music stars (Elvis? James Dean? Doris Day?) off the Internet, and decoupage them onto round, flat knobs.

Whatever you decide when you’re mulling those pulls, have fun. And remember where you’re putting them. Rhinestone encrusted knobs in the boudoir, yes. In the kitchen, maybe not.

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