I don’t know if this qualifies as “something to do for the weekend”, but if you happen to visit the Abrams/Skillman SuperTarget this weekend, you’ll be a part of the chain’s national test of a new store design.

The Dallas Business Journal reports the chain has remodeled 12 U.S. SuperTargets with new signage, lower shelving and a completely overhauled grocery section. Four of the redesigned stores are in Dallas, and one of them is the Abrams/Skillman store. Perhaps not coincidentally, Walmart-Sam’s-JCPenny opened down the street a few months ago, so that might have fast-tracked upgrades to this Target store and made it a good national test-case for how consumers respond, given the n early competition.

According to the DBJ, Target is trying to make shopping “more enjoyable for the customer, with easy-to-reach items and additional seating in departments like shoes.” Toys and “gadgets” also are organized on one side of the store, while apparel is located in the center, along with expanded dressing room facilities.

The other remodeled stores are in Plano, Fort Worth and Watauga.

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