Caruth Terrace residents Allison and Bobby Holaday had a case of pandemic puppy FOMO when all their neighbors rescued a dog. But with Bobby’s allergies to dogs and cats, the couple found themselves at Rooster Home & Hardware. They brought home three chicks: Jessie Ruth, Blanche and Wilma. “One of our neighbors raised chickens, and on our walks last spring, we thought, ‘Hey, this looks pretty easy,’” Allison says. “We always said we’d get chickens at our next house, but I realized we’re not going anywhere. I garden, and chickens are a natural addition to my existing hobbies.” The 7-month-old hens happily peck at the bugs in the backyard, but they come running to anyone who may have treats of dried mealworms, corn mix, lettuce or fruit. They love being held at night — as long as they are rewarded with treats — and will stretch out their necks to fall asleep on the Holadays’ shoulders. “They have been so much fun,” Allison says. “The more you interact with them, the more they treat you like pets, not farm animals.”

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