Stacey Morgan encountered the man near Lower Grenville (photo by Danny Fulgencio).

The “Spider Bite” Flasher has been terrorizing neighbors for more than a year, according to CBS DFW.

Neighbor Stacey Morgan was approached by a man driving a gray crossover SUV near Lower Greenville who said he didn’t have enough money to pay for shots for a spider bite, and was looking for a natural grocer or holistic medicine location for treatment. Wearing a tight shirt and short shorts, he had a bandage on his leg. He didn’t flash her this time, fortunately. In other instances, after he asks for help, the flasher strikes. Morgan called 911 after the encounter, which was her second run-in with the man in a year.

“He counts on that element of surprise and that’s why he keeps getting away with it,” she told CBS.

When Morgan shared her experience on social media, several women shared similar stories in several neighborhoods in East Dallas. A Nextdoor post echoes the numerous complaints. In social media posts, he has been described as young and hispanic with short black hair.

Only one similar police report was filed in May of last year, according to CBS. Police are asking victims to make a formal report to help them catch the man.