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It looks like we won’t be licking cheddar fries off our greasy fingers for a few months. At least, not on Lower Greenville. So, if you were planning to go on a Paleo diet, this might be a good time for you to start (although I honestly have no idea why you would deprive yourself like that).

The lights are off and the doors are locked tight at the Snuffer’s on Greenville because it’s closed for construction until fall. Major construction. As in, the demolition crew is coming out Wednesday to knock the building down, says Pat Snuffer.

But don’t freak out! It’ll be back. It’s just going to take a few long, cheddar fry-less months. The original building, which has been there since the 40s, is going up in a pile of dust and salt to make way for bigger (well, actually smaller) and better things.

306058_10151499721034699_1314735603_n-1“The building was just… it needed to be replaced,” says Snuffer. “We’re going to put up a new Snuffer’s building, which is really nice. We’re still going to maintain some of the architectural elements. You’ll still identify it as a Snuffer’s. It’s just going to be a clean, fresh building.

“I hope to have the building open in the fall, early fall. The building is going to be somewhat smaller in terms of square footage, mainly because we can add more parking that way, which is a necessity down there.”

If this all seems confusing since the last time we saw Snuffer’s in the news it was about its Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the catch is that the locations in Plano and on Greenville weren’t included. Snuffer says the bankruptcy shouldn’t add any complications to this project.

No doubt it’s a bittersweet transition for Snuffer’s regulars, Snuffer says.

“I’m one person that’s sad to see it go,” Snuffer says. “That’s 35 years as a tenant there, but I’m really excited about what’s coming. It’s going to be neat. We’re just really looking forward to it. It’s something that’s long overdue.”

The new look will be a little more modern, he says, but some of the old, familiar elements will be there, like some of the pictures and decor. You can check out the Snuffer’s Facebook for more info and updates.

And, what about the Snuffer’s ghost? Snuffer says that’s one of the biggest questions he’s gotten about the project.

“Someone actually asked me, ‘Is the ghost going to be there, too?’ How am I supposed to know this? Come on,” he says laughing.

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