Opinions about bronze cows, curbside pickup and City-funded after-school care were among topics commanding applause at a recent Town Hall meeting to discuss the proposed City Budget.

Councilmen Craig McDaniel of District 14 and Chris Luna of District 2 held the meeting for neighborhood residents last month at Woodrow Wilson High School. They wanted neighborhood reaction to the 1993-’94 City budget recommended by City Manager Jan Hart.

Approximately 100 people attended the meeting to voice opinions on topic ranging from proposed cuts in health-related funding to bothersome light bulb repairs in the main library elevators. All questions posed were answered by the Councilmen and various City staff members.

Members of the Dallas Area Interfaith organization called for expanded after-school care, no cuts to public health programs, and more community policing strategies.

Suggestions by others present included charging fees to non-Dallas residents using City museums and sporting facilities (specifically mentioned were those living in Plano and Carrollton); implementing mandatory recycling of phone books; and not cutting funding for City arts and cultural programs.

One speaker received a loud round of applause when he questioned the wisdom of spending money on the controversial herd of bronze cows near the Dallas Convention Center when the City can’t afford to maintain the Henry Moore sculpture in front of City Hall.

On another topic, Luna said: “We need increased efforts in our Housing and Neighborhood Services, specifically in the area of code enforcement. People have concerns about items on the parkways, about trash not being picked up.”

McDaniel spoke strongly in support of community-based policing, where officers “adopt” a neighborhood, live there, know the neighborhood and the people in it, and establish beat patrolling.

Residents have until Sept. 22 to voice their opinions before the budget is finalized. Call or write your respective Council representative. For information call 670-5414 or 670-4048.

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