If you were out dining, drinking or oh-so-innocently shopping (like me) on/near Greenville Ave over the weekend, you may have noticed new ‘residential only parking’ signs along Oram and Prospect. ‘Residents won a round in the Greenville parking fight,’ according to this CBS 11 piece that (pretty much) explains it all. In said story, neighborhood activist and BarkingDogs.org author Avi Adelman explains his plight to rid his street of “trash, noise and disturbance of the peace”.  Angela Hunt chimes in, calling for a “better balance of bars and … businesses” on Greenville Avenue. It also looks as if Resident Only Parking is in effect at nighttime only — so us daytime shoppers will remain unaffected so long as we clear out before the witching hours (in this case 7 p.m.-3 a.m.).

Of course, this is nothing new for this neighborhood association — the resident only parking initiative started around here back in 2005 or before.

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