For anyone who hasn’t been paying attention, Tuesday was the Lakewood Minyard’s last day of business. We sent photographer Can Türkyilmaz and intern Alex Browning over to see how everything was going. Some pics from their trip:

Store manager Andy Williams keeps a smile on his face despite not knowing his fate with the company until Friday.

Employees Jean Salacar and Aaron Krimm are both moving to different Minyard’s stores.

Checker Andrea Mendoza started with the company in 1994. This is the fifth Minyard’s she’s worked at that will be closing. She’s relocating for the sixth time to the Gus Thomasson and Oaks store.

In its last few hours, Minyard’s still had plenty of inventory to unload.

Bakery/deli merchandiser Tim Van Slyke checks out the still plentiful wine selection.

Employee Veronica Martinez maintains a sunny outlook, perhaps because she’ll still have a job after the closing — she’s also moving to the Gus Thomasson and Oaks store.

Packaging clerk Valery Romanov is an immigrant who was once a colonel in the Russian military. Romanov did not say if he was being transferred to another store.

Customers and friends Velma Williams and Tommy Thompson take a load off near the Minyard’s deli. Both says that when Whole Foods reopens in the space later this year, they’ll be back to "hang out" there.

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