Notice any changes with this month’s Advocate? We certainly hope you do,and we want to guide you through a few of them.

But first, you need to know what hasn’t changed: Our focus on the neighborhood news,events and people.

We intend to continue stopping by your home each month filled with helpful news and information you won’t find anywhere else.

We think our new format is more colorful, more attractive, and better organized. And we also believe that the new magazine offers a more effective forum for neighborhood advertisers who,after all, allow us to continue distributing this magazine to you free-of-charge.

So where is everything located?

For starters, you’ll find our Neighborhood News Roundup beginning on Page 8. And check out our Education Roundup beginning on Page 28.

If you like coupons, check out our colorful new coupon section on pages 44-45.(We’re trying to convince our advertisers that Advocate coupons are a better bargain than  all those direct-mail coupons clogging your mail- box, so we hope you’ll take a look at these neighborhood offerings and use a few.)

Our new and improved Classified Section begins on Page 40, and we’ve tried to organize the Classifieds for easier reading and reference. We’ve even developed a special Home services section filled with all types of professional services for your home.

As you peruse the magazine, you’ll also find our favorite neighborhood columnist in new spots.

There are plenty other changes this month, and we expect to add even more improvements during the next few months.

So please take a few moments to check out our new look, and give us a call at 832-5885; drop us a letter at 6301 Gaston, Suite 820, Dallas 75214; or e-mail us at with your comments.

We look forward to hearing from you.