Runners are "bombarding" White Rock Marathon race director Marcus Grunewald with personal requests for entry in the sold-out Dec. 14 half marathon, but he’s turning them all away. "We want a quality race, not a quantity race," he told the Dallas Morning News. "We care about the runners having a good and safe race." One of the reasons for the half marathon 7,000-runner cap —the course includes a stretch along the Katy Trail which has yet to be tested in a race this large.

Just three weeks until race day, not only is the half marathon registration closed, but also, the main marathon is 75 percent full (as of Nov. 19).

For our neighborhood, marathon day is a big deal and this year promises to be bigger than ever—and not just for the runners. All the local businesses will be boomin’, bands will be playing and people cheering all along the course. You can be a part of it even if you’re not into long-distance running: For the Love of the Lake is looking for volunteers to help out on race day. (Details here.) And if you don’t volunteer, at least get out there and witness the gobs of crazy masochistic athletes pounding the roads — it’s a sight to behold. Here are links to course maps and directions, which will also come in handy if you plan on driving anywhere that morning.

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