In August 2012, Highland on the Creek neighbor Roland Melton decided he wanted a dog. That very week, on a Tuesday morning, he left for the dog shelter only to find a dog sitting in the neighborhood’s greenspace. She sat on the spot where he had found his previous dog years earlier. In fact, she looked just liked the type of dog he wanted. Melton says she had no collar, and she was hesitant to come home with him at first. “Since I found her on a Tuesday, I decided to name her Ruby,” Melton says. You can see the two walking in the morning on a consistent schedule. “She is extremely calm and loves our walks every morning at White Rock Lake.” Melton says she enjoys playing with other dogs. He calls it Ruby’s social hour. “While on our walks, Ruby also gets to practice her favorite fantasy sport of thinking that she can catch the squirrels she sees — if only I would let her off her leash.”

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