This has got to be the best "fast" food restaurant around. Their rotisserie chicken is oh-so-tasty, and I feel much better about eating it than I do fried chicken (please don’t burst my bubble if I’m consuming the same amount of calories and fat).

You can always order a chicken wrap, salad or enchiladas, too, but I prefer Cowboy Chicken‘s platters with two sides and a roll or cornbread. Famous twice baked potaters and campfire veggies are my favorite, but I haven’t yet tried a side yet that I didn’t like.

Their lunch specials are hard to beat — usually a platter of 1/4 dark chicken (my favorite anyway), two sides, a roll and a beverage for $4.95. The website also offers peach cobbler and beverage coupons, and you can sign up for exclusive e-mail offers, too.

When I’ve eaten at Cowboy Chicken, the place seems reasonably busy, but I’m always surprised that it’s not packed. Maybe the nearby Condom Sense and Condoms to Go stores at Lovers and Greenville throw people off.

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