The Dallas Historic Tree Coalition was formed a few months ago to address tree concerns throughout the City.

The organization’s first focus was Presbyterian Hospital, which planned to destroy many trees while constructing a new support services building. The Coalition’s members wanted to save the trees by providing Presbyterian with alternatives for its construction plans.

Presbyterian officials recently held a press conference to unveil their new proposal, which included some of the Coalition’s suggestions. The construction plan will remove 20 trees, but it also will relocate 41 trees. The historic old-growth trees will be spared, as will a green space corridor near the proposed site. Plans include improvements to the water line along a creek in order to diminish erosion.

The 41 trees will either be moved to another site on the hospital’s grounds or will become a part of the City’s Adopt-a-Median program. The Vickery Meadow Improvement District, the American Heart Association and the median near Walnut Hill and Greenville may receive some of the trees. Presbyterian will provide water for their maintenance.

Hospital officials want the Coalition to help provide funding for this landscaping. Call 739-5886 for more information and a membership packet.

While Coalition members are pleased with the proposed changes, they are worried about the new building’s proximity to the roots of the old-growth trees. Members are also worried about the viability of the trees considered for relocation.

Presbyterian officials are happy with the new proposal, which spares trees, addresses the concern of the Coalition’s members and other Dallas citizens, and also saves the hospital approximately $500,000.

Environmentally-Friendly Lunches

It’s easier than ever to pack a trash-less lunch these days. Many styles of plastic food containers are available in various sizes to replace those thousands of sandwich bags tossed daily at schools and work places. These containers can be used for everything from sandwiches to desserts. Plastic drink bottles and boxes also are available in all sizes.

Those reusable containers fit better in soft-sided lunch boxes or six-pack totes, which are roomier. Wax paper also is a good alternative to plastic sandwich bags.

See if you can omit plastic sandwich and storage bags from your grocery list. You can reuse items from your kitchen, such as plastic produce bags.

If you use plastic bags, remember they can be used again and again. By limiting the use of plastic sandwich and storage bags, you help keep these items out of the landfill while saving money at the grocery store.

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