Photography by Jaime Dunaway-Seale

Porky is always concerned about neighborhood potholes, but when it comes to this doozy at the intersection of Richmond Avenue and Abrams Road, he was also concerned for his life.

If you’ve been an Advocate reader for a while, you’ll know that Porky likes to get up close to the potholes so you can see them in all their troublesome glory. But these potholes are located in the middle of a busy intersection, and there’s rarely a break in traffic.

Although piglets are sprinters, his photographer, not so much. So Porky decided to live and die another day. He set up shop on the corner and hopes you will forgive him.

You may not be able to see inside the potholes, but trust Porky, they’re bad. And with their location in the middle of the intersection, they’re a nuisance to motorists traveling in all directions.

As always, Porky did his civic duty and reported this pothole to the City of Dallas’ 311 online portal. The report number is 21-00053004 if you want to follow along. The estimated response time is three days, with a service followup five days later. We’re watching to see if it gets fixed.

Got a pothole in need of Porky’s assistance? Email the location to