Porky, meet bike lane. Bike lane, Porky.

Many thought Matilda would forever be a dusty wasteland suitable for only the most robust of four-wheel-drive vehicles, but East Dallasites are now cruising smooth.

Neighbors are more likely find a roving coyote on their street than a bike lane, but thanks to the bond that was passed last year, street improvements are underway all over Dallas. Many are adding bike lanes like the one on Matilda.

Enthusiasts debate whether this type bike lane is actually good for cyclists, as they are allowed by law to take up a full lane of traffic, which actually gives a rider more room, and painted bike lanes are not very wide and can result in some close calls as cars roll by. While legal, the impact of a bike in a full lane on traffic can incite a rage that most cyclists know all too well. Another option is for a fully separate bike lane, with stanchions or a different elevation used to separate the car traffic from the road, which is what is currently planned for the transformation of Columbia Road into a complete street.

The street once served as a trolley line parallel to Greenville Avenue, and before the repaving, the trolley tracks could be seen pushing through the asphalt. But today, Porky the pothole pig has nothing to complain about on Matilda. If it wasn’t hot enough to melt his feet to the ground, he would consider spending more time walking the new street.

So load up your roller blades, bicycle or rental scooter, and cruise with Matilda with ease on your way to Lower Greenville.

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