If you live within the Northeast Patrol Division, which includes Lake Highlands plus part of the East Dallas community, you know how vital volunteers are to keeping crime numbers down. The police have often told us that they can’t do it alone, and that they need a combined effort—that’s where crime watch patrol, homeowners associations, improvements districts and apartment managers come in. “We have some of the best volunteers around,” officer Bervin Smith says. “We want to recognize them.”

So recognize them he — and the rest of the officers at Northeast Patrol — will.

The recognition ceremony will be held March 2 at St. James Episcopal Church, 9845 McCree, at 7 p.m. Prizes will go to outstanding groups and individuals who help police do their job effectively.

Most importantly, now, we need to get our nominations in, Smith says. To do that, visit the Northeast crime watch website and click on upcoming events to find nomination forms for Volunteer of the Year, VIP (volunteer in patrol) Group of the Year, Crimewatch/Neighborhood Association of the Year, Multifamily Housing Manager of the Year.

(Don’t worry Lakewood Crime Watch — I’m sure Central Patrol will follow suit soon enough).

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