The Banowetz family (back row center) with Dallas bike patrol officers. (Photo courtesy of White Rock Lake Conservancy.)

Leon Banowetz was jogging around White Rock Lake when he spotted Dallas police officer Olivia Brown. The woman gave him a hug and pulled out her phone to show him a photo she had of his mother-in-law, Tucker Burns. The officer printed that picture and kept it in her Bible to remind her of love, kindness and care.

Burns made a lasting impact on the police officers who patrol White Rock Lake on bicycles. The woman visited the lake every morning with her companion, Don Michel, to watch the sunrise and feed the ducks. Her family said she never met a stranger, so it was no surprise when she made friends with many of the officers.

A bike patrol officer enjoying a bike donated by the Banowetz family. (Photo courtesy of the White Rock Lake Conservancy.)

In early February, Burns died, and her family wanted to honor her memory by donating a fleet of new bikes and riding gear to the Dallas Police Department and its White Rock Lake bike patrol unit.

The White Rock Lake Conservancy partnered with the Banowetz family to facilitate the gift.

“Dallas police and their bicycle officers at White Rock Lake do so much for the city and keep our neighborhoods safe,” Banowetz said. “This is one example of how they take the time to form relationships with members of the community. We wanted to thank them for their service, and we know Tucker would have been so happy to see all of the officers’ smiling faces as they received their new bikes.”