For neighborhood resident Pete Zotos, running his own business is about earning my living as a result of something I love doing.
Zotos, a graduate of SMU, opened his first business at South Padre Island. He then worked at Dick's Last Resort in the West End for five years (where he learned from the best) before forming a limited partnership to launch the Angry Dog in Deep Ellum in 1990.
His latest venture is the restaurant-bar St. Pete's Dancing Marlin, 2730 Commerce, also in Deep Ellum.
The Deep Ellum neighborhood has a serious history and the friendships I have forged in the area are strong, Zotos says.
As any Deep Ellum entrepreneur will attest, it was analogous to being a settler on the frontier. Now with a somewhat gentrified environment, we reminisce about the old days.
Of course, these days are also looking good to Zotos, who says he knew the restaurant was a success when he was in a restaurant in Santa Fe, NM, and the people at the next table were talking about the excellent food at St. Pete's.
Zotos is married and has two children, Max and Annalyse. His wife, Karen, is truly my best friend, he says.
It takes a special kind of person to marry someone in this business, he says.
Someday, I'm determined to: Sing with my own jazz trio.  If I could change one thing about myself, I would: Clone myself so I could get the sleep I need and keep it together.  My greatest asset is: The friends I have.  I would love to have five minutes alone with: Andy Kaufman
Most people don't know I: Watch Melrose Place.
I wish President Clinton would: Stop by for a Diablo Tempestuous
I never have enough time to: Play chess
The hardest part of running a business is: Having to fire friends. 
People I admire are: Sincere Ð they have a code and stand by it. 
Life is too short to: Not to ask for help.
My advice to anyone trying to start a business is: Get clear, bear down, and rock. 
By the end of the year, I hope to have: Sanity and a healthy family.
I'm not afraid to: Put on a necktie.
If I could meet any famous person, it would be: Brigitte Bardot
Businesses succeed when: The boss is clear. 
I always procrastinate about: Calling my mom. 
My favorite quote is : Remember the lesson, forget the experience.
I've never understood why everyone was so crazy about: Belgian Endive. 
I don't believe in: Clip-on ties. 

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