Advocate_DT6 Jan2014

White Rock Dog Rescue has accepted a litter of Australian Shepherd puppies. The mom has been a stray for over two years and has had several litters of puppies. Duck Team 6 has stepped in to trap this mom, get her sterilized and get her pups into rescue. This last litter has become mobile, and the decision was made to rescue these puppies rather than risk have something happen to them out at the creek’s edge.

There are seven puppies and two have already been adopted. There are two females, Portia and Mimi, and three males, Zeus, Apollo and Artie, up for adoption. They are 6 weeks old now and will be getting their first round of puppy shots next week. They can go to homes at 7 weeks. Owners will coordinate with the rescue to finish out their shots and arrange for sterilization.

These dogs are very cute, smart and cuddly. Australian Shepherds are known for their herding instinct and love to run,jump and rough-house. They have great intelligence and are capable of out thinking their owners. Obedience training is highly recommended. They have an innate desire to please and learn very quickly. Keeping an Aussie occupied with walks, play and training will benefit both their mind and body. Owners who devote the time and commitment to their Aussie and will be rewarded with loyalty, drive, character and a whimsical sense of humor.

If you are interested in one of these dogs, visit our website,, to see where the upcoming adoption events will be held or email or call (214) 507-4016.  Adoption fees are $200 and home visits are done on all serious applicants.

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