Edgar the Old English sheepdog rocks a pony tail like only he can. Owner Chris Youpa talks to Edgar like he’s a person, insisting that his furry hound understands 90 percent of what he hears. The dog was a familiar face when Youpa used to build sets for the Woodrow Wilson musical, considered a “semi Woodrow mascot.” Over the years, Edgar has developed a love for the patios at Mi Cocina, Chips, Truck Yard and Pints & Quarts. The 10-year-old tail-wagger is moving a little slower these days, but he still loves to walk around the lake and let his hair flow in the breeze for a ride in the truck or convertible. Edgar is a people pleaser, and when he is at the dog park, he spends more time visiting the humans than playing with other canines. “Everyone wants to pet him,” says Youpa, “and he knows it.”

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