Boo was the third cat brought to the Lakewood house of Carol and Frank Rowland, when big sisters Dot and Sophia needed a furry friend. The Rowlands have a soft spot for misfit felines, and when they learned Boo was deaf, they knew they were the family for him. “Our goal is to build awareness for cats with disabilities in shelters and let people know that they still make great pets, sometimes better than average,” Carol says. “Sure, we keep a bell on him so that he doesn’t sneak past us, and instead of calling him, we use flashlights to get his attention. But it is well worth it. I would love to have Boo invited to schools for the deaf and help children to accept themselves as they see how loved a deaf little kitty can be.” Boo has proven so popular, his Facebook page has almost 1,000 followers. Keep up with him at

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