The DMN ran an in-depth front-page story Saturday about the lack of parking on Henderson. Anyone who frequents the trendy strip of bars and restaurants knows that finding a place to park there can be a real trick.

Since one company — Andres Properties — owns almost all of the restaurant and retail buildings on Henderson, they hired a valet service to serve the whole street. So if you’re like Cher from “Clueless” and never learned to parallel park because “Everywhere you go has valet,” that’s perfectly convenient. Since one valet company runs the whole strip, you can give your keys to a valet at Park, for example, and ask an attendant at say, Capitol Pub, to retrieve your car at the end of the night.

But if you’re like me and your 1998 Honda Prelude is full of dog hair, newspapers, extra pairs of shoes, used coffee cups and who knows what all, then valet parking is the enemy.

Even though valet parking is complimentary on Henderson, attendants expect a minimum $5 tip for each car, I’m told. So technically, there is no free parking on Henderson, which is fine. Parking lots are real estate too. But I’d rather park my own car.

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