Paige Poupart. Photo by Jennifer Boomer.

East Dallas neighbor Paige Poupart is a co-star in a new HGTV show called Renovation Impossible.

Poupart, a designer, also happens to be engaged to Russell Birk, the owner of Casa Linda restaurant Maya’s Modern Mediterranean.

She joins the show alongside contractor Russell Holmes. They help complete renovation projects that homeowners have put on hold because of budget problems, disagreements about design choices or feeling overwhelmed.

“We come in and save the day, basically,” Poupart says.

She had filmed a pilot for HGTV in 2015, a show about her and her father doing remodeling projects. The pilot was broadcast, but the show wasn’t selected for a full season. Since the producers at the network already knew her, Poupart, who has lived in Casa Linda for about six years, was recommended to join Renovation Impossible.

They filmed eight episodes of the show, and the third will air Sept. 22. It took about a year to film the episodes, which were shot across Dallas-Fort Worth.

“It was a lot of fun,” Poupart says. “It was very time consuming. There’s a lot of hours and manpower that goes into making a television show.”

Poupart has her own business, Paige Poupart Homes, and is a designer, home remodeler, house-flipper and licensed broker.

“The people that we got to remodel their houses, the families, have really cool stories,” Poupart says. “It was an honor to get to work with the families.”