The spacious front and back lawn – almost an acre of land – was what ultimately sold Jean and Rich Wootan on the 1936 Hutsell home they purchased six years ago.

Rich was the first to fall in love with the possibilities of all that space. Jean took a bit more convincing.

“It was the yard,” says Jean. “To me, it seemed a bit intimidating. To him, it was just what he wanted.”

The couple has made good use the expansive lawns. Rather than cover the expanse of lawn with objects or plantings, they chose to leave much of the wide-open space. As a result, what they have added has even greater impact.

“My husband likes the big open space in the middle of the city, and I agree with that,” says Jean.

The most striking aspect of the front lawn is a cedar post fence surrounded at the front gate by a colorful jumble of roses, tulips and other perennials.

Also added were a few trees around the edges of the lawn. Completing the explosion of greenery are trails of Boston Ivy curling across the front of the home (The ivy theme was suggested by the ivy motif found on the home’s original fireplace.)

In the back yard, a cedar post fence similar to the one in front surrounds the family’s vegetable garden. A covered patio includes an old-fashioned stone-covered grill that seemingly could accommodate steaks for every family on the block. Teak chairs, benches and a table complete this area, which is frequently used to entertain company.

Jean’s favorite patio spot, however, can be found tucked away on the side of the home. This smaller, secluded area includes rocking chairs, a mounted wall fountain and a small Mexican fireplace.

“This is where I spend most of my evening,” Jean says.  She and Rich, and also their two children, spend much of their free time outside.

Of course, the family must go indoors some time, and the inside of the home has also received plenty of TLC. Instead of major renovations, the family has worked with decorating accents that play off the original aspects of the home. For example, the ivy design across the fireplace was added to the front of the stair steps and along the border of the living room ceiling.

“We haven’t done a lot of adding on, because it is an original,” says Jean.

One addition Jean would like to pursue – back to the outdoors – is a covered deck that would be added on to the back of the home.

“It’s been fun,” she says of the many outdoor additions she and Rich have made already. “My husband has a wonderful eye for it all.”

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