Update: After hearing from a bevy of parents to teen and preteen movie-goers (and presumably the folks at AMC), NorthPark Center has issued a revision of its new code of conduct. People 17 and under may attend movies at AMC Theatre unaccompanied, provided they go directly to and from the theatre from the parking lot and provided they are gone by 11pm Sunday through Thursday and by midnight Friday and Saturday. This exception will allow parents to drop kids off in groups without coming in to watch the show over their shoulders, and permit good ole American date night for 16 and 17 year olds who’ve driven themselves to the mall. Lingering in the food court, apparently, will not be allowed.

Parents of teenagers are being asked by NorthPark Center to accompany their kids after 6 p.m., according to a new code of conduct issued by management. “Parents and legal guardians may accompany no more than six unrelated persons 17 years of age and under,” say the new rules, so one mom could supervise a group of 6 kids, but no more.

New policies also prohibit hoodies or masks which obscure the face, saggy pants which make undergarments visible and going without shoes. Clothing cannot obscure the face of any guest (they don’t specifically mention religious headgear) nor exhibit lewd, obscene, vulgar or offensive language or images.

The new regulations have been emailed to parent groups and are in response to previous reports of crime and gang activity in and near the mall. Safety questions have been recently raised from parents in Lakewood, Highland Park and other nearby neighborhoods, long comfortable with dropping carloads of teens and preteens off for dinner and a movie or shopping and ice cream.

The code includes several other new rules, mostly standard – no sexual conduct, yelling, offensive language or gestures, loud music, loitering, fighting, littering, protesting or causing damage. No leaving bags unattended or climbing on artwork and railings. Skateboards, rollerblades and Heelys are not permitted. Smoking isn’t allowed and alcohol must remain inside NorthPark restaurants.

You can view the entire list of rules here.

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