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How’s this for a weird mix: German Pointer/Cocker Spaniel/French bulldog puppies are up for adoption at White Rock Dog Rescue.

They are 8-6 weeks old and will be medium sized, between 35-45 pounds. They are super cute and a very interesting and unique mix.

There are six males and two females. The mom is a full bred German Pointer and the dad is a Cocker Spaniel/French Bulldog mix. What a combination! All these breeds are energetic, cooperative, intelligent, affections and very trainable.

The Pointers are known for their great temperament, intelligence and ability to cooperate. Cockers are active and love structured learning and excel in agility. They are excellent play companions and do well with children. French bulldogs are comical, entertaining and love people. Frenchies are friendly with people and respond well to early, patient, persistent training.

So, these dogs will be super social and wonderful family pets.

If you are interested in meeting one of these little dogs, please call 214.507.4016 or email: adoptions@whiterockdog.org. You also can stop by Dee’s Doggie Den 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Sept. 7 to meet them in person.

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