Nelson the Goldendoodle (photo from Instagram)

Nelson the Goldendoodle (photo from Instagram)

Have you ever heard of Nelson the Goldendoodle? He’s an adorable pup who rides around Dallas in the sidecar of his human dad’s Vespa.

If not, check out @nelsonthegoldendoodle on Instagram (or click here), where he has more than 23,000 followers.

There’s a good chance you’ll see this insta-famous pooch zipping around East Dallas with his ears flapping in the wind behind his little doggy goggles.

The Vespa from Kyle's Scooter Shop in East Dallas (photo from Instagram)

The Vespa from Kyle’s Scooter Shop in East Dallas (photo from Instagram)

Why? Because his human parents, Genesis and James Butler, bought their Vespa from Kyle’s Scooter Shop in East Dallas. Remember that place? We wrote about it back in July. Nelson and his owner still hang out at the shop quite a bit, according to the owner Kyle Salter, and he says the little trio is the perfect example of the kind of eclectic characters Salter enjoys working with daily.

“Genesis and James are huge on Instagram,” he says. Nelson has also been featured on Buzzfeed and D Magazine — all thanks to the Vespa that Salter built.  “I like seeing people ride things that I built.”

Salter’s Vespas are all about personality. He has found a niche repairing rundown classics on two-wheels. “You want it nasty and ratty because that’s originality,” he explains.

Apparently Nelson and his folks agree.

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