Murphy Stout is a Great Dane that will guard her family from even the most harmless of materials: the mail. Owner Leslie Rauscher says Murphy is very defensive of the front door and did not take a liking to the mailman. Every time he slipped the mail through the door, she tore it up. The Rauschers opted for an outside mailbox but kept a touch of Murphy by putting a black silhouette of a Great Dane on it. Murphy’s owners gave her up when she was 6 months old. Murphy had abandonment issues and didn’t respond well to potential families until she met the Rauschers. They brought her back to their Lakewood home and named her after Murphy’s Irish Stout because of her appearance. She fell in love with the family and became their protector and best friend. “When she trusts you, she pours her whole heart out,” Rauscher says. “She just loves hard.”