Another Lakewood neighborhood wants changes to its trash pick-up. Neighbors in the 6600-6800 blocks of Velasco and Lakeshore Drive had their trash pick-up changed from alley service to curb service under One Day Dallas.

But some contend that the alley is big enough for the new garbage trucks, and they want the city to change it back. Susan Schuerger and Maggie Radford are working on a petition in favor of the change. They’ve requested a meeting with the city’s director of  sanitation services, Mary Nix.

"The city will consider doing alley service if the trucks will fit in the alley and if there’s a continuous, two-block length for them to run the truck," Schuerger says.

It’s not enough that the city says the trucks can’t run in the alley — she wants them to prove it. Peninsula Neighborhood residents recently had success in getting its trash collection changed.

Schuerger’s home has a rear driveway, so she has to pick up her garbage and recycling cans and carry them across her lawn to the curb each week.

"I don’t mind the once-a-week pick-up. Even though I have a big family, we are good recyclers, so we don’t have that much trash," she says. "But I just think this is absurd that we all have to carry our stuff to the street if the alley is serviceable."

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