Meyboom Brasserie will open at 2100 Greenville Ave.

A new bar meant to give neighbors a Belgian experience is coming to Lowest Greenville.

After Jeff Karetnick and his wife, April Segovia, visited Belgium in October 2019, they knew they had to bring back a piece of the country to Dallas. They’re opening up Meyboom Brasserie at 2100 Greenville Ave. in place of Ragin’ Crab Cafe, which closed and is looking to open in a new location.

Meyboom is a Dutch word meaning “tree of joy.” It refers to a festival that’s been held in Brussels every year since 1308. On the morning of Aug. 9, locals select a tree and bring it to the Rue des Sables, passing through taverns on the way. They reach that point by the early afternoon, and they carry the tree to the Grand-Place, accompanied by the companions of Saint Laurent, a brass band and a parade of giants and people dressed in folk dress.

Next, they continue to the corner of Rue des Sables and Rue du Marais, where they must erect the tree by 5 p.m.

There’s not yet any menus available on Meyboom’s website, and the owners aren’t sure when they’ll open, CultureMap reported.