There has been a lot of building going on at the McDonald’s on Ross near Greenville , and it’s not just a matter of putting meat, cheese and secret sauce on a bun.

            Owner  and neighborhood resident Karen Skinner is changing just about everything about the restaurant’s décor, from top to bottom and inside and out.

The exterior has a Candyland theme, modeled after the classic children’s game. And speaking of children’s games, the playground, one of the most popular areas of the restaurant, is also brand new.

“We’ve always had such great success with our playground, and we’re redoing the whole thing,” Skinner says. “It will be very attractive, with a new fun area for toddlers and a revamped main playground structure.”

Inside, the restaurant will have something of a ’50s theme, with jukeboxes on the table and a huge Dr Pepper float display in the lobby.

Also inside will be something no other McDonald’s in the Metroplex has: a Blue Bell ice cream dessert center, where diners can get sundaes, waffle cones and fresh-baked cookies.

Why go to all this effort?

“The neighborhood is expanding, and we felt like we wanted to do something special in the community,” Skinner says. “There’s a lot of expansion going on, and

Ross Avenue

is becoming a more desirable area. We really try hard to put a good face on that community.”

The construction was scheduled to be finished by the first of this month, with several community activities planned throughout June to celebrate the new look.

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