Oh my goodness, Matt’s Rancho Martinez in Lakewood is closing! Wait, no it’s not. But maybe it will. Confused?

Yeah — well it started when a reliable neighborhood blogger reported that the neighborhood’s Tex-Mex staple would close in February 2012 when the lease in Lakewood Shopping Center runs out. The DMN picked up the story and posted it on their blog. Then Robert Wilonsky over at the Observer says, “that’s not true” and scolds the original blogger for not “picking up a phone”. (His friends at The Ticket radio noted during “Community Quick Hits” that Robert lies in wait for opportunities to discredit the News — funny, and a fun game, for sure).

From what I can tell, the original blogger at the East Dallas Times web site did in fact pick up the phone and got a statement leading him to believe that the restaurant will close when the lease is up. It was the News’ blog that repeated the story without calling, something that is totally acceptable in the blog world, because some of what we do on blogs is simply curating news that is already out there on reliable sites—sharing info is one of the ways we handle the smaller workforce of the era.

Anyway, the News‘ blog editor left a comment following Wilonsky’s post, something to the effect of, “Sweet holy Moses, Robert. Our initial blog posting, attributed to the East Dallas Times, said the lease runs out in February 2012. Which, if I’m not mistaken, is correct. In any case, Leslie Brenner has spoken with Matt III, and we’ve updated the posting with his comments.”

So … is Matt’s going to close or not? The latest word is, “not necessarily,” which is still news — the quotes from Matt Martinez III to all of the reporters involved sure indicate that he is seriously considering selling.

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