Not many people consider math a “feel-good subject.” But don’t try telling that to John Meneghetti.

It’s rewarding to see the smile on a student’s face when they have confronted a math problem and seen the challenge solved,” says John, an NCNB investment manager who is the East Dallas/Lakewood Advocate Volunteer of the Month.

John has volunteered with the East Dallas-based Communities in Schools program for two years. He meets weekly with Kalin Smart, a sophomore at Madison High School, providing academic instruction, personal encouragement and a positive male role model.

“I encourage kids to get a strong background in math because it is the key to understanding many other subjects in school, and without it, career choices are limited,” John says.

“I want them to see the opportunities that are open to them. Also, helping someone overcome the same handicap that I had really motivates me.”

The father of six grown children, John lives near White Rock Lake.

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