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If you grew up in Dallas, you probably spent your share of hot summer days — like the 100-degree days we’re going to get this week — at Tietze Pool.

We covered some of the history of the role of public swimming pools in Dallas in our June cover story.

Here’s an excerpt:

“It was 1924 when the City of Dallas paid $16,797.94 for about five acres of land from Mr. Boyd Keith and Charles C. Huff, and proceeded to turn pasturelands into what was then known as Keith Park, according to city records. Six years later, the city spent $1,400 to build a junior swimming pool, which became an immediate hit with neighbors, leading to a spike in attendance at the park.

It wasn’t until 1934 when Tietze Park got the name we know today, inspired by W.R. Tietze, who championed the city’s recreation as superintendent of parks from 1896-1933.”

It was also announced earlier this year that the oldest swimming pool in Dallas is set to get a makeover.



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