While some people have showed their concerns about the coronavirus by buying soap and toilet paper in bulk at Costco, others have tried to ease public panic with a little humor.

Outside local wine store Le Caveau Vinotheque is a chalkboard that says, “Coronavirus vaccine sold here: bubbly, white, red available.”

There have been a slew of coronavirus memes and jokes on the internet, and our neighborhood store might just be one of many examples of people and businesses who are making light of the problem instead of letting fear get the best of them.

We asked readers on Facebook: “Are you working from home this week as a precaution over coronavirus? Did your employer ask you to work from home? How worried are you about coronavirus?” Many commenters shared their answers:

Suzanne Sheaffer Not worried about catching it but did cancel spring break ski trip to Europe next week. Worried that [I] wouldn’t be allowed back in US for fear of being exposed / not enough testing kits for people already and we didn’t accept WHO offer of kits. Saw on the Sunday shows that still haven’t tested everyone on that princess cruise ship where half the people they have tested were positive. It’s so disorganized / not a time to take chances

Jenna Newland I work from home full time. But my firm has implemented some new travel guidelines. No conference attendance. No internal meetings with more than 15 people. Limit travel to that necessary for client deliverables and critical meetings. I traveled last week and will be traveling next week. Life goes on.

Tracy Aber Crothers There are and always will be viruses. Practice simple infection control:
-If you are sick, stay home and don’t get anyone else sick.
-Cover your mouth/nose if you sneeze/cough.
-Wash your hands often.
I have no plans to change my life. This too shall pass