Dear Mr. Siegel:

Thank you for December’s Last Word. I am a sometime patron of John’s Cafe on Greenville Avenue, and while I don’t think John has chicken fried steak on his menu, the food there is really good. Try the gyro omelet or sandwich — yummy. Also, if you are a connoisseur of greasy spoons and chatty wait-staff consisting of women of advanced ages, try Mama’s Daughters Diners. My personal favorite location is the one on Irving Boulevard.

I am also a Texas transplant of 30 years, and have lived in East Dallas since my husband and I were married in 1979. I am concerned with the loss of familiar places and the fact that some “original” residents are being squeezed out or priced out of their homes. East Dallas used to be a neighborhood where a young couple with few resources could strike out on their own and purchase their first home. Small two-bedroom bungalows are being supplanted by “McMansions” with little charm or character. Lower income families have little hope of finding affordable housing close in to work and public transportation.

But I digress … you brought back a few memories of dates with my then boyfriend/now husband at Brownies. I realize change must come, but we do need to remember and pass on the rich character and history of our small part of this world. — Carly Camacho

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