Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 10.00.58 AMLakewood has long claimed to be to Dallas’ best kept secret, but it looks like the secret is out, folks!

My Google alerts have been going wild for the past couple of days after CNN Money listed Lakewood as one of the top 10 best big-city neighborhoods. Seems like everyone has shared it on Facebook or in blogs.

First things first, being on CNN’s listing is pretty dang cool, even though I’m still getting over the fact that CNN outed us on the interwebs. Sure, we know we live in the best neighborhood in the country, but we don’t want everyone else to know that, too.

And then, I’m not so sure about everything CNN said about us. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they meant well, but CNN just doesn’t know Lakewood like we do, as is evidenced by the fact that they claim that in the evening “people head into town for shopping and dining, maybe capped with a movie at the Art Deco–style Lakewood Theater.”

…. movies? They’re showing movies at the Lakewood Theater these days? Last time I was in there, it was to watch Ursula Undress boldly shake her ta-tas. A valiant try, CNN, but it’s not that kind of theater.

At first I also questioned CNN’s assertion that Lakewood has “very low crime rates”? Compared to… the rest of Dallas? Chicago? The world? If they’re talking about strictly Lakewood alone — as opposed to including, say, lower East Dallas — I can see how CNN might say we have “very low” crime rates, but looking at this map, some of the areas we consider Lakewood-East Dallas are a little more iffy in the crime department.

Regardless, thanks for the shout-out CNN Money.

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