Compost at LBLakewood neighbor Matthew Newman is giving  the phrase, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” a whole new meaning. He wants your garbage, and the stinkier the better.

Newman, with My Lawn Mower & Me, is partnering with Liberty Burger and For the Life of You to launch the East Dallas initiative From the Dinner Table to the Front Lawn. Through April 1, there will be a compost bin outside the Liberty Burger in Lakewood Shopping Center, where neighbors and local restaurants can deposit organic food scraps — banana peels, orange peels, potato peels, pretty much anything with a peel or other organic table scraps.

Newman is also talking with a few other East Dallas institutions that focus on “being green,” hoping they will jump on the organic compost bandwagon soon. On April 1, or maybe earlier if the bin fills up fast enough, someone from My Lawn Mower & Me will take the compost to a nursery of their choosing.

The goal for From the Dinner Table to the Front Lawn is to collect 200 pounds by April 1, but Newman says the project is already well on  its way to overachievement. To learn more or for updates on new compost bin locations, visit the website.

My Lawn Mower & Me is a natural and organic lawn maintenance company, and 
For the Life of You is a non-profit that uses organic diets to help overweight communities.

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