More than 300 Lakewood Hills residents have signed a petition asking the City of Dallas for traffic-calming measures in the neighborhood.

The petition comes as development in the neighborhood, especially on Gaston Avenue, has resulted in increased cut-through traffic in Lakewood Hills. The increased traffic volume has contributed to more speeding, accidents and noise, neighbors say.

With Whataburger and The Trailhead potentially opening in the neighborhood, residents say traffic improvements are necessary to keep children and pedestrians safe.

“I’m not going to try to stop every apartment or restaurant that wants to go in,” said Alex Fergus, president of the Lakewood Hills Neighborhood Association. “My goal is to just protect our streets. We have a huge population of young kids, and people are always walking around.”

Neighbors are asking the City to reduce the speed limit throughout Lakewood Hills from 30 mph to 20 mph and to replace flat speed bumps on La Vista Drive. They would also like additional stop signs for four-way stops at Tucker, Loving, West Shore and Auburn at Clayton, Casa Loma, Coronado and La Vista.

For years, neighbors have individually submitted requests for additional stop signs and were denied. When Fergus became president of the neighborhood association in January, she organized the petition, which was sent to District 14 City Councilman David Blewett. Blewett called for a traffic assessment, and neighbors are working with City staff to identify specific areas for the improvements.

“I’m optimistic that we’re going to get a lot of things done,” Fergus said. “We’re looking forward to making some changes.”