I’m starting to regret the original posting (thank you, Jeff) on the Sheffie Kadane-Jill Kotvis deal for a couple of reasons, but not for the reasons you might expect. One, since we didn’t do any original reporting, we weren’t adding anything to the mix. Two, weighing in on an ongoing election is always asking for trouble, particularly if we aren’t adding anything factual to the mix. However, the point of the blog is to get neighborhood information out to readers in a factual manner and then see what readers (and us, too) have to say about it. So I wanted to start fresh with a different approach this time – here are links to what has been published elsewhere so far, including a story in the Morning News Wednesday morning. First, here’s the link to Pegasus News, an online news source that talked with Jill and one of Sheffie’s kids about the original allegations of Jill’s arrest and answers about whether she has been involved in "criminal proceedings or civil suits" on a Morning News candidate survey that all candidates receive. Second, here’s link to the Morning News survey in question. Third, here’s a link to Sheffie’s campaign press release asking Jill to drop out of the race because of the alleged mistatements on the Morning News survey. And fourth, here’s a link to a letter Jill wrote to Sheffie asking him to quit the mud-slinging and take the high road. And, as promised and hot off the internet, here’s a link to the WFAA story that just ran, too. Those are all of the facts I’m aware of, and now as Paul Harvey would say, you know the rest of the story…until tomorrow, I imagine. As additional information pops up, whether from us or other trusted sources, we’ll provide it here so you can sift through it all and decide for yourself what you think. And, hopefully, you’ll use this space to tell the rest of us what you think, too.

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