If you’ve got an old, inefficient refrigerator or freezer, you may be about to collect $50 for it (perhaps better than a garage sale profit) and have it picked up directly from your house. That’s because of a new Oncor program — The Great Texas Refrigerator Roundup. The point is for you to get a new, more energy-efficient refrigerator, plus dispose of your old one properly.

I can’t tell what’s in this for Oncor just by glancing over its press release, but they’re not the ones shelling out the $50; Appliance Recycling Centers of America is.

To qualify, you need to live in an Oncor service area (I believe all of us in the neighborhood do) and find your ESI ID number on your electric bill, then call 866.472.9376 or visit the website to schedule a pick-up appointment. As far as what qualifies as an "old" refrigerator, I couldn’t tell from the website. Oncor’s only stipulations are:

  • • Plugged in and cooling or freezing, or both, at time of collection
  • • Refrigerator or freezer between 10 and 27 cu. ft.       
  • • No commercial units• May not contain sulfur dioxide or ammonia refrigerants.
  • For other possible rebate options through Oncor, check out its Take a Load Off Texas initiatives.

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