Ever get in the mood to walk 100 miles? Just step out your door one day and head to Waco , perhaps?


We’re guessing most of you are saying “no” right about now. One hundred miles is a pretty good distance, after all. And besides, why go to Waco ?


We don’t know the answer to that one, but the folks behind Walk Across Texas offer a reason to walk 100 miles: for your health.


Organizers of the program are encouraging Texans throughout the state to get moving by joining seven of their friends, co-workers and neighbors to walk a total of 830 miles.


Participants don’t have to do it together, or all at once. In fact, reaching the goal over several weeks — eight of them, actually — is the point. It’s all meant to encourage Texans to make exercise a part of their daily lives.


          Local resident Leslie Casey is heading up this year’s Dallas County Walk Across Texas, which starts this month with a kick-off celebration, walk and health fair at White Rock Lake ’s Winfrey Point.


          Last year, the event was held at Reverchon Park . But to Casey, White Rock Lake seemed like the obvious place for it.


          “Like so many people in our area, I love walking at the lake. It’s part of the reason I live here,” she says. “So when we were talking about where to have it, I suggested White Rock Lake .”


          Although businesses and individuals from throughout Dallas County will participate in the program, Casey says she has received an especially good response from our neighborhood.


“We started talking to people all around East Dallas , going to different businesses, and everybody was so excited about it.”


          Some of the booths to be hosted by local organizations include blood pressure checks by Presbyterian Hospital , vision screening by C.C. Young, tai chi demonstrations by White Rock YMCA and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) demonstrations by CPR Training and More.


     Many businesses are forming walking teams among their employees, but Casey encourages individuals to form teams with their friends and neighbors as well.


     “You don’t have to walk with team members, but you can establish a lot of camaraderie that way,” she says. “This is a great way to get in better shape and get to know your co-workers or neighbors better.”


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