Liz Lanier had so much egg yolk that she didn’t know what to do with it. She needed only the whites for her confections at Joy Macarons, but she hated wasting the yolks. So she started using them to make a custard-based ice cream and placed a scoop between two macaron shells. The macaron ice cream sandwich was born.

“It wasn’t long before we realized people thought they were special,” Lanier says. “We became known for having them.”

The most popular flavor is Cereal Milk, infused with Fruity Pebbles and topped with a crunchy chocolate shell that contrasts the soft, chewy cookie. The cereal, like everything at Joy Macarons, is gluten free, so it’s safe to eat — unless you’re dieting. 

Also try the cookies and cream, sprinkled with homemade cookies called Joy-reos, or the CinnaBrownie with a brownie puck tucked inside cinnamon ice cream. The flavor of the month highlights a quirky concoction, such as a king cake with a baby hidden in the middle.

In addition to ice cream sandwiches, the patisserie sells macarons in 12 flavors, including cookie dough, salted caramel and honey lavender.

Joy Macarons started as a hobby that spun out of control, Lanier says. Despite simple ingredients, macarons are notoriously hard to make.

“They’re temperamental,” she says. “It takes a lot of time and preciseness. We make so many every day, and there are still days that you’re like, ‘What happened?’ Everything has to go according to plan.”

Lanier kept practicing and sold them at pop-ups and area farmers markets. In 2015, she opened her first shop in Oak Cliff, followed by a location on Lower Greenville in 2017.

“I have a huge sweet tooth, but I didn’t always want a slice of cake or a cupcake,” Lanier says. “It’s kind of a lot. The macarons are small and hit the spot without doing too much damage. The ice cream sandwiches are different. You have to be committed. The macarons on the outside are a great pairing, and they’re not overly sweet. They let the ice cream shine through.”