At the suggestion of a friend, I recently visited Josie’s Grocery on North Fitzhugh, and, frankly, I fell in love with their fruit water.  They take fresh melon, like watermelon and cantaloupe, then somehow juice them, add a little water, chill it, and voila!  It’s completely natural, super healthy and totally refreshing, but more importantly, absolutely delicious. 

There were also some more exotic options, including Jamaica water (basically chilled hibiscus tea) which apparently acts as a kidney cleanser, kind of like cranberry juice.  I wasn’t brave enough to try any of the more unusual ones (as much as I love my kidneys), but I was assured by some regulars that they’re definitely high-quality refreshments for the more adventurous. 

It’s not much of a meal spot, but there were a couple of tempting snack choices — I opted for the not-healthy-but oh-so-crunchy homemade potato chips (for the calorie-conscious, there are other more diet-friendly choices available, too).  Josie’s probably isn’t Dallas’ next hot five-star restaurant, but it’s definitely worth checking out, even just for a cup of cold watermelon water.

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