The cap and gown way

Only about half of students who enter college as freshmen graduate in four years. Gonzalez himself had 143 credits upon graduation, when he only needed 120. Gonzalez wrote the book “Finish in 4”, last year and published it in March as a guide to plan how many classes to take each semester to graduate on time.

What gives?

The Wilkinson Center works by offering people ways to help themselves. Wilkinson Center opened after Rev. Clayton Lewis of the former Munger Place United Methodist Church saw a child rooting through garbage for something to eat. The Wilkinson Center celebrates 30 years.

Out and About

Oct. 4 16th annual Long Run: Choose the 1-mile fun run at 6 p.m. or take the 5k challenge at 6:30 p.m. to help boost students’ funding for technology, uniforms, college visits and more. J.L. Long Middle School, 6116 Reiger, 972.502.4700, $10-$20