D’Lish Desserts

The cake ball trend is in full swing across Dallas, and two neighborhood residents have joined in, using old family recipes and some innovations of their own.

It’s a wonderful life

All George had ever wanted to do was to travel. He had enjoyed his time at Woodrow and UT, and he appreciated being the fourth generation of his family to grow up in East Dallas.

Ruda Anderson’s raw talent

She uses acrylic paint mixed with water, and she pours it onto a canvas that hasn’t been treated with gesso.

Q&A: Director Cheryl Denson

Here, the theater veteran fills us in on what makes this holiday production of “Sanders Family Christmas” a not-to-be-missed sensation.

Holiday traditions stink

What legitimate delicacy is soaked in lye, gives off a stench reminiscent of rancid meat, jiggles on the plate in the manner of a glob of greasy gelatin, and tastes like something I would never eat except under threat of death?

Sparkling wines and Mom’s 7-layer brownies

Call it what you will: Champagne, sparkling wine, bubbly, Cava or Prosecco. But whatever you call it, this is the time of year when the wine with all the fizzy stuff gets the most attention.

Ron Ross’ Hit Records

There’s a lips and tongue logo of a life-size Rolling Stones sticker on the outside window — an indication that you are about to enter into a state of pure rock and roll.