Riding to combat AIDS

The 2009 two-day ride, which winds through Dallas and Fort Worth, begins at the American Airlines Training and Conference Center near DFW Airport.


For nearly 25 years, Terilli’s has kept us coming back with a winning combination of good music, good food, and those must-try martinis.

Rosés and tomatillo sauce

Welcome to the seventh annual Advocate rosé column, where our motto is: If it’s summer and you have $10, you can buy a pretty good rosé – and sometimes even get change back.

A mystery to be embraced

Don’t ask me why I am trying this out on you, but maybe because it’s summer, and I think you’ll have time to think it through.

Cult film noir

Erich Scholz was in bed when the idea came to him. That it was not a very practical idea was not especially obvious at the time.